About Us

Joe and Prem met while working in NYC and later found out that their families grew up on the same street almost 7,500 miles away in Kerala, India!


Prem Thomas, CEO
Prem is currently also the Cofounder and CFO of an early stage biotech company. Prior to founding Gurus, Prem was a Kiva Microfinance Fellow in Manila, Philippines. Before leaving for the Philippines he worked at the New York City Investment Fund, a civic venture capital fund. Prior to that, Prem was an Investment Banker for Bank of America, where he met Joe. Prem went UNC Chapel Hill and grew up in Tampa, Florida.

Joe Choorapuzha, President
Joe is currently a 1st year MBA student at UPenn. Prior to joining Gurus, Joe worked with an investment fund in NYC. Before that he was an Investment Banker at Bank of America, where he met Prem. Joe received a B.A. in Economics with a concentration in Political Science from Columbia University and grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


Indy (Indiana) the Lab
Indy is our mascot. He is a 10-week-old yellow lab who likes eating sticks, taking naps and chewing on Gurus. Indy lives with Prem in Tampa.